Pool Candy Giant Oyster Shell Lounge with Glitter Pearl Beach Ball Immerse yourself in a fantasy with the Giant Oyster Shell Lounge from PoolCandy! This exquisitely designed pool float featuring a giant open shell design brings a fairytale-like charm to your swimming pool. With its shimmering surface gleaming in the sunlight the oyster shell float not only ensures an enjoyable sun-soaked relaxation but also adds a whimsical touch to your pool decor. The lounge comes with a bonus – a delightful glittery pearl beach ball enhancing your pool-time fun. Designed with durability and comfort in mind this enchanting float is the perfect addition to your summer essentials. Crafted from robust and durable PVC material this PoolCandy inflatable set promises longevity and sturdy performance. Its generous size can comfortably accommodate two people and support up to 400 pounds. When not in use it folds conveniently for storage making it a fantastic vacation accessory. With appropriate care and storage you can enjoy its delights for many summers to come. The PoolCandy Giant Oyster Shell Lounge inflates easily with an electric or hand pump and holds air remarkably well. Its stable floating ability and robust buoyancy give you a secure and balanced feeling while lounging on it. Remember avoid over-inflation during the first use to prevent any potential damage. But the fun doesnt stop with floating – the set includes an 8 diameter pearl beach ball for extra poolside amusement. Beyond reclining on the giant shell you can engage in ball games with friends or family. Thoughtfully designed handles on both sides of the shell make climbing on and off an easy task. Perfect for pool parties summer gatherings or even sea-themed birthday celebrations the Giant Oyster Shell Lounge adds a dash of delight to any occasion. Its captivating seashell design also doubles as a striking prop for selfies or party decorations. Make the most of your summer leisure time with this alluring PoolCandy set thats sure to impress!
Features a radiant giant oyster shell and a gleaming glitter pearl beach ball for magical pool fun
Crafted from robust and durable PVC material, supporting up to 400 lbs of weight
Offers both comfortable lounging space and an 8” diameter pearl beach ball for playful water games
Easy-to-use handles for seamless climbing and deflates for compact storage, making it ideal for vacations
Great for pool parties, summer gatherings, sea-themed birthday celebrations, and makes a captivating selfie prop