The Story Of Plantoria

Our story begins with a mom; a mom who cared about her family's health and aspired to do something about it.

Our search for healthy self-care products has been a long and laborious journey. We started at the health-food stores, scanning health aisles of pharmaceutical shops, groceries, and big chain stores. Ultimately, we found that the 'healthy organic' products all contained a chemical called Phenoxyethanol.

And that is where the chase took off.


Phenoxyethanol is a type of chemical used in personal care products as a preservative and binder for the ingredients. It is harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin, especially for nursing mothers or infants. It also causes irritation to the skin and eyes and can cause blistering on skin as well.

Even though most products are labeled natural organic or plant-based, they still contain this dangerous ingredient. 

So, we concluded that the only way to avoid Phenoxyethanol was by producing our own line of personal care products! 

Thus, Plantoria was born.

Our products are all ABSOLUTELY and STRICTLY plant based, and do not contain any harmful chemicals such as Phenoxyethanol. Instead, we use vitamin E as a natural preservative. Even more, our ingredients are safe for ingestion! 

If your child decides to have her bubbles and eat it too, just smile—and snap a photo! 


(Warning: Our ingredients are safe for ingestion in its raw form ONLY.)